Training and Support

As an engagement manager and consultant, you will be provided with training and support throughout your consulting engagement that will enable you to perform and achieve.

Orientation and Training

At orientation, you will be introduced to consulting within the non-profit context, including sector-specific resources, Endeavour’s consulting process and tools, and lessons from former volunteers. A separate orientation for engagement managers provides team leaders with extra support.

Our three training sessions focus on providing you with knowledge and tools specific to the different phases of your consulting engagement, from preparing for the first client meeting to analytical frameworks to evaluation metrics.

Our orientation and training sessions provide you with the unique opportunity to learn from consulting and non-profit experts, including business professors and leaders of consulting companies. Our past Orientation Guest Speakers and Trainers give you an idea of who you can expect.

Mentorship and Peer Support

Throughout your engagement, you will have access to a project advisor that is matched with your team to provide mentorship and guidance. Your engagement manager and team members also provide informal mentorship and peer support.

Our mid-term and review sessions, where you present your progress and exchange feedback with fellow consulting teams and project advisors, are also forums for peer learning and support.

Subject Matter Experts

As a volunteer, you will also have access to a group of subject matter experts at Endeavour who are available throughout your consulting engagement for advice and resources in specific areas, such as research design, consulting methodologies, non-profit resources, strategy, marketing, finance and more.

Tools and Resources

Throughout your engagement, you will have exclusive access to Endeavour’s Online Knowledge Centre, a repository of past consulting work and presentations, training materials, consulting tools and templates, and other resources. We will also set up an online portal for your team if you wish to have one for your project. Endeavour volunteers also have access to meeting space at City of Toronto Civic Centres, such as Metro Hall and Toronto City Hall.

Endeavour Executive

Endeavour’s Director of Project Management is dedicated to ensuring that all teams have the support they need for a successful consulting engagement. As the main point of contact for consulting teams, the Director of Project Management is always available by email, and by phone upon request, to discuss any issues, and conducts debrief sessions with consulting teams. We always welcome feedback from our volunteers so that we can continuously improve how we work.

Endeavour’s Director of Client Relations or another executive also attends the final client meeting to ensure a smooth transition to the post-engagement evaluation phase.

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