What You’ll Get

Endeavour is an experience that will enable you to develop the skills, insights and relationships to make a positive impact across communities.

At Endeavour, you will work with a team of diverse and talented individuals who share your interest in making a positive impact in the community. Along the way, you’ll develop new skills and knowledge, be challenged and have fun, make new connections and friends, and discover opportunities that will further your professional and personal growth.

Training and Support

As an engagement manager or consultant, you will receive training and support that will enable you to perform. Learn more about the training and support Endeavour will provide you with during your engagement.

Access to a Diverse Network

As a volunteer, you will work with, learn from and build relationships with professionals and students from a variety of fields, industries, educational backgrounds and cultures. Our volunteers include a mix of young and seasoned professionals, and graduate students, who have lived, studied and worked locally and abroad.

New Insights and Opportunities

Going through the Endeavour experience will bring you new insights about the non-profit sector, consulting, and yourself. The valuable knowledge and new connections built through Endeavour have enabled many of our volunteers to pursue new opportunities that further their professional and personal growth. Top business schools and consulting firms are some of the places our alumni have gone on to. Others have pursued their passion by starting their own business or non-profit organization.