Pre-Engagement Preparation

From the time a new consulting cycle begins, Endeavour executives and committees are already working behind the scenes to prepare for the next round of volunteers and clients.

Endeavour’s Client Selection Committee, comprised of former consulting team members and led by the Director of Client Relations, reaches out to different networks to promote Endeavour’s consulting service and to encourage project applications from non-profit organizations that can benefit from our service. The Committee carefully reviews project applications and interviews client candidates to determine their alignment with Endeavour’s mission and their suitability to work with our consulting teams. Endeavour’s Advisory Committee reviews the short-listed candidates and recommends the final list of clients and projects with which we can make the greatest impact.

Endeavour’s Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Committee, comprised of former consulting team members and led by the Director of Volunteer Recruitment and Retention, promotes Endeavour’s volunteer consulting opportunities through various channels to reach a diverse group of individuals. The Committee rigorously screens and interviews volunteer candidates to select skilled and enthusiastic professionals and university students from a variety of backgrounds. Consulting teams are created to leverage the diverse expertise and experiences of our volunteers, while considering the special interests of each individual.

Based on experience and feedback from each round of volunteers and clients, our committees review and refine our processes and criteria so that we continually improve the Endeavour experience and the impact we make.
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