Consulting Engagement

Endeavour’s six-month consulting engagements take place year-round, with new and returning volunteers joining the Spring/Summer cycle from March to August and the Fall/Winter cycle from September to February. As an engagement manager or consultant, here’s what you can expect.

Learning and Discovery

You will learn about consulting with the non-profit sector and Endeavour’s processes and tools, and be introduced to your client and team members in the orientation and first training session. An initial team meeting with your project advisor and Client Selection Committee member will provide you with a basic understanding of your client. Your first client meeting will help your team to discover the bigger picture and more clearly define the objective of your consulting engagement. As a team, you will develop a Statement of Work that identifies your scope of work and client deliverables.

Research and Strategic Thinking

As you gather data on your client and stakeholders through interviews, surveys and secondary research, you will be able to identify opportunities and develop strategies that will enable your client to improve their organizational capacity and community impact. Two additional training sessions and feedback during your mid-term review presentation with Endeavour will support your progress.


You will develop practical recommendations and evaluation metrics for your client. After feedback during your final review presentation with Endeavour, you will present your work and recommendations to the client, often to the Board of Directors and leadership team.

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