Executive Team

Endeavour is led by a team of volunteers with expertise and experiences in the non-profit, corporate and government sectors. As a member of Endeavour’s Executive, you will be working with a diverse team of young leaders who are passionate and committed to making an impact in our communities.

Our Senior Leadership Team works closely with a team of executives and the Board of Directors in the strategy and operations of five divisions:

  • President’s Office: Responsible for overall leadership and strategic directions, evaluation and finance
  • Consulting Division: Responsible for client selection and relations, and project management
  • Talent and Strategy Division: Responsible for the development and execution of talent acquisition, development and retention strategies, and works closely with the President and Board of Directors to develop and drive the organization’s strategic directions
  • Marketing and Development Division: Responsible for marketing, communications, development and partnerships
  • IT and Information Management Division: Responsible for IT and information management

From time to time, opportunities to join the Executive Team become available. While most Endeavour executives are past volunteer consultants, our executive opportunities are open to everyone. Visit Get Involved for current openings.