Most volunteers join Endeavour in a Consultant role. Consultants are responsible for carrying out streams of project work. They are also responsible for escalating issues to the Executive Team related to the performance of their Engagement Manager.

At Endeavour, we differentiate between a Consultant, and Senior Consultant.

Consultant is a role for working professionals and recent graduates with 2-3 years work experience. A consultant participates in all aspects of the consulting engagement, from problem solving to delivering client recommendations. A returning consultant with positive feedback from former team members is typically promoted into the Senior Consultant position.

Senior Consultant is a role reserved for past Endeavour consultants who have demonstrated strong performance and leadership potential. A senior consultant participates in all aspects of the consulting engagement, and may have the additional responsibility for managing workstreams. A high-performing senior consultant is on track to becoming an engagement manager.

Learn more about What We Look For in a consultant and What is Expected of You as an Endeavour volunteer.

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Hear from Endeavour Consultants

David SchacterDavid Schacter
Associate, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Tanya Rumble
Tanya Rumble

2010 Diversity Fellow and Associate Manager, Community Engagement, Heart and Stroke Foundation