What Role Fits You

You will join a consulting team in one of four roles depending on your experience.

Graduate Student, Recent Graduate or Working Professional

A graduate student, recent university graduate or working professional typically joins Endeavour as a Consultant. A high-performing consultant is often promoted to the Senior Consultant role. Learn more about the Consultant role.

Experienced Professional and Leader

If you are an experienced professional and leader, the Engagement Manager role may be for you. The Engagement Manager position is filled by a leader who can motivate a diverse team of volunteers and build relationships with clients and stakeholders to deliver solutions that make an impact. The Engagement Manager usually, but not always, has consulting experience. Learn more about the Engagement Manager role.

Returning Endeavour Consultant

A returning consultant with positive feedback from former team members is typically promoted into the Senior Consultant position when returning to volunteer with Endeavour. A high-performing senior consultant is on track to becoming an engagement manager. Learn more about the Senior Consultant role.

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