What Is Expected of You

To ensure high quality client service and a rewarding volunteer experience, Endeavour requires a high level of commitment and engagement from volunteers throughout the six-month consulting project. All members of the consulting team share the following commitments.

You are expected to learn and develop the essential knowledge and skills for providing advice to your non-profit client based on Endeavour’s consulting model and process. You will participate in orientation, three training sessions, mid-term and final review presentations, and team and client meetings.

You will actively engage with team members, the client, project advisor and other stakeholders in delivering quality results. You will support team members to become high performers. In particular, leadership from the engagement manager involves understanding and leveraging the diverse perspectives and experiences of consulting team members and the project advisor.

You are committed to understanding your client’s needs, constraints and expectations, and working with your team and client to define the objectives and scope of work achievable in a six-month engagement. Endeavour’s Client Selection Committee, research and analysis, client and team meetings, and guidance from your project advisor will aid your understanding.

You must be able to develop practical recommendations and evaluation metrics that enable your client to achieve their short-term goals, and improve their management capacity and community impact. You will analyze and synthesize data, identify and evaluate different options, and develop and present recommendations to the client’s leadership.

You will evaluate your volunteer experience with Endeavour and provide feedback that will help to improve future consulting engagements. You are expected to participate in debriefs and surveys, and encouraged to reach out to the Endeavour Executive with feedback and questions.

For specific responsibilities of each role, visit Who Makes Up the Consulting Team.

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