Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for our answers to frequently asked questions about our volunteer consulting application and volunteering on a consulting engagement. If your question isn’t addressed here, please get in touch with our Director of Volunteer Recruitment and Retention at

Application FAQs

  1. Are there any open volunteer opportunities?

    Please visit the Get Involved page for current volunteer opportunities. We also encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list and join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to receive the latest updates about Endeavour volunteer opportunities, educational and networking events open to the public, and more.

  2. What is included in the application?

    Our application comprises a summary of your educational background and professional experience, contact information, resume, and short-answer questions. We are interested in your answers to the following questions (maximum 200 words each):

    • Why do you want to volunteer with Endeavour as a consultant/engagement manager?
    • What accomplishment are you most proud of and why?
    • What are you most passionate about?
    • What have you learned from a mistake? (Please describe the specific situation, the mistake you made, any consequences, and what you have learned from the experience.)
    • Tell us about a time you led/managed a consulting team to success and what you attribute to the success. (Engagement manager candidates only.)
    • Tell us about a time you worked successfully with a client and what you attribute to the success. (Engagement manager candidates only.)

    Your answers below the word count limits are much appreciated.

  3. What is the process for returning volunteers?

    Returning volunteers should submit an application but do not have to answer the short-answer questions. You are guaranteed a spot with no interview with positive feedback from your previous consulting engagement. In the case of returning consultants who would like to be considered for an engagement manager position, please fill out the short-answer questions for the engagement manager position. An interview will be required for the engagement manager position.

  4. What are the resume submission requirements?

    Resumes need to be in PDF format – maximum of 2 pages (or 3 pages if 10+ years of work experience). Please make sure to include volunteer, leadership and extracurricular activities on your resume.

  5. What do you look for in applicants for the consulting positions?

    Please review the Eligibility and Assessment Criteria.

  6. Can I apply if I don’t have consulting experience?

    Few of Endeavour’s volunteer consultants have consulting experience. You are an ideal candidate for Endeavour if you are a strong interest in helping a non-profit organization achieve its goals, can commit to a six-month consulting engagement, have good problem solving and communications skills, and can work well on a team. The engagement manager generally has consulting experience.

  7. Can I still apply if I am a university student?

    Yes, Endeavour encourages graduate students to apply. Endeavour’s consulting teams are made up of varying levels of education and work experience.

  8. Which position should I apply for?

    Visit What Role Fits You to find out which position you should apply for.

  9. What is the interview format?

    Interviews are in person and consist of behavioural and situational questions, and a non-profit case to test problem-solving skills. The case is nothing to worry about; you will receive the case before the interview so that you can come prepared with your response. We are interested in how you solve a problem. Interviews are approximately 20 minutes, and include time for you to ask questions at the end.

  10. Will you still consider me if I send in my resume past the deadline?

    Since Endeavour receives a high volume of applicants, it may not be possible to consider applications past the deadline. If you miss the deadline for a round, we encourage you to apply for the next cycle.

Volunteering FAQs

  1. What is the expected time commitment?

    While we expect volunteers to commit around five to ten hours per week, the time you will need to devote fluctuates depending on which phase of the consulting engagement you’re at. Typically more time will be required towards the end of the six-month engagement, which can reach more than ten hours per week. While most of our volunteers work or study full-time during the six-month consulting engagement, we stress that volunteering on an Endeavour engagement is an intensive six-month commitment that you need to make time for.

  2. When and where do our team and client meetings take place?

    Consulting teams schedule meetings based on the availability of team members. You will schedule client meetings based on the availability of your client and team members. Since most volunteers work or study full-time, team and client meetings are usually on weekday evenings or weekends. Endeavour executives have set the expectation with clients that meetings will usually take place on a weekday evening or weekend due to the work life of volunteers.

    Your meeting locations are determined by the team and client. Some meetings may take place at the client’s office. Endeavour teams may book City of Toronto space (e.g. Metro Hall, City Hall) for meetings. Teams will be provided with information on how to make booking requests in advance.

  3. When and where do orientation and training take place?

    A list of orientation and training dates will be provided on the volunteer posting. These sessions usually take place once a month on Saturday morning in downtown Toronto at Metro Hall or City Hall.

  4. Do I choose my team members?

    No, the Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Committee will staff volunteers on the projects, taking into consideration the diverse skills, experiences and interests of all volunteers.

  5. Can I choose which project I want to work on?

    No, but if you are selected as a volunteer, we will ask you to fill out a Project Preference Survey and will try our best to match you with one of your top preferences. When staffing projects, the Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Committee must take into consideration the needs of our clients, and the skills and experiences of our volunteers. High-performing volunteers typically get to work on their preferred project when they return on subsequent engagements.

  6. How many projects will I be working on?

    As an engagement manager or consultant, you will work on one project during a six-month engagement. You can apply to volunteer again on another project in a future consulting round. A number of engagement managers and consultants have returned to volunteer on the next cycle or take a break and return to volunteer after a year or two.

  7. Can I volunteer if I will be away for part of the consulting engagement?

    We understand that volunteers may go away on vacation or for work during their consulting engagement. We stress that volunteering on an Endeavour consulting engagement is an intensive six-month commitment. We do not want the travel schedules and absences of one or more team members to negatively affect the team and client engagement. As a general rule of thumb, we do not take on volunteers who will be away for more than three weeks during the consulting engagement.

  8. Do you have volunteering opportunities outside of the Greater Toronto Area?

    No, Endeavour currently operates only in the Greater Toronto Area. We encourage you to join Endeavour’s online community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and to check out other volunteering opportunities in your local community.

  9. Can I volunteer virtually?

    Due to the nature of Endeavour’s consulting engagements, all volunteers are required to participate in in-person orientation, training, and team and client meetings. While we do not have opportunities to volunteer virtually, we encourage you to join Endeavour’s online community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and to check out other volunteering opportunities in your local community.

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