Why Endeavour

Endeavour provides the unique opportunity to work with leaders on strategic issues to improve the non-profit sector’s capacity and impact, while learning and connecting with a high-calibre group of volunteers from diverse backgrounds that will further your professional and personal growth.

Make an Impact

As an Endeavour volunteer, you’ll be helping non-profit leaders improve their capacity to make a positive impact in our communities. Hear from our clients to learn more about the impact that you can make as a volunteer.

What You’ll Get

Endeavour is an experience that will enable you to develop the skills, insights and relationships to make a positive impact across communities. Find out what you’ll get as an Endeavour volunteer.

Our Approach

When you join Endeavour, you’ll be joining a team-based culture where collaboration and support enable learning and growth. Learn more about our approach and what you can expect from a consulting engagement.

What Volunteers Say

Professionals and university students from a variety of backgrounds volunteer with Endeavour for different reasons. Find out what past volunteers have to say about their experience with Endeavour.