Organizational Strategy

As your organization grows and evolves, it is important to consider how the needs of your organization have changed and if your non-profit has the necessary skills and talents it needs to fulfill new roles and functions. Even the best people cannot excel if they are in an environment that stifles their growth. Organizational strategy can help define how your organization structure and processes can improve the performance of your people. Endeavour can analyze your organizational design so your volunteers and staff can perform at their highest levels.

Some of the numerous aspects of organizational strategy that Endeavour can assist you with are:

Organizational Design – Create organizational and governance structures with roles, relationships, and processes that will lead to success and long-term growth of your organization.

Volunteer Management – Not attracting the right volunteers? Or having trouble keeping your volunteers engaged? Develop a volunteer management strategy to recruit, develop and retain the best.

Succession Planning – Looking to pass the torch? Identify the needs and requirements for building successful leaders within your non-profit organization to ensure its continued success.

Change Management – Are you transitioning to a new organizational structure or spinning-off from your parent organization? Develop a strategy to ensure successful change management.

Feasibility Study – Are you redesigning your organization or considering a spin-off? Evaluate the potential impact of your proposal before making a radical change.

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