Operations Strategy

Operations refer to the entire set of activities that are performed before a final service or product can be delivered to a client. Take mail delivery, for instance. From the time a letter is deposited into a mailbox, several processes occur in a coordinated and efficient fashion until the letter is delivered to your doorstep. If any of these processes are compromised or rendered inefficient, the entire operation is affected. As with mail delivery, your non-profit organization will also engage in several operations or processes in order to deliver your programs and services in the most efficient manner. The more efficient your operations are, the more productive your non-profit organization can be, and the greater impact you will be able to achieve.

Some of the various aspects of operations strategy that Endeavour can help you with are:

Financial Management – Is your organization in a healthy financial position? Do you need to cut costs? Do you have strong internal controls? Strengthen the financial sustainability of your organization.

Process Redesign – Do you spend too much time on tasks that don’t add value to your clients? Identify where your organization can improve efficiencies and redesign processes to maximize your value.

Delivery Model – Having trouble helping everyone who needs it? Improve your program/service delivery model to better meet the needs of your clients and get better results.

Infrastructure – Do you have the back-office infrastructure to support your delivery model and financial management? Align your infrastructure with your operations strategy to improve your impact.

Feasibility Study – Revamping your operations? Study the viability of your idea before leaving shore for unchartered waters.

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