Marketing Strategy

Your non-profit may be serving an exceptional cause and providing much-needed services, but the number of people you can help will be limited unless your organization markets itself. Developing a sound marketing strategy will not only help increase your community reach but also provide positive exposure for your cause. You will be able to introduce your non-profit to relevant businesses, groups, and associations, and make your mission known and increase support for your work. Endeavour can help you develop a marketing strategy that will put your limited resources to the best use and help you attain a sustainable presence in the communities that you serve.

Some elements of a marketing strategy that Endeavour can assist you with are:

Client/Member Segmentation – Are you targeting the right group of clients/members with the right services? Develop a targeted strategy to maximize the difference you make to your target groups.

Branding – Is your brand similar to many others doing similar work? If so, it’s time to revisit your brand strategy. Build a strong, recognizable and differentiated brand that is relevant to your target groups.

Pricing – Are your membership or program fees too high or low? Strike the right balance between costs and revenues by identifying the pricing structure that best captures the value you bring to clients.

Outreach Strategy – Should you use social media? Identify the channels to invest in to reach your target groups, and develop an outreach strategy that will increase your exposure and impact.

Feasibility Study – Ready to roll out an ad campaign? Determine if your marketing strategy will be effective before implementing it.

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