Corporate Strategy

Long-term planning is fundamental to the success of your non-profit organization. Every so often, it is important for your team to take a step back from your day-to-day operations and think about the big picture – Why are you here? What is your mission? Who do you serve? What are you trying to achieve and how will you get there? Corporate strategy entails thinking about your non-profit organization in ways that will help you determine the direction and scope of your work. If you are interested in redefining your organization or find that your work has been stagnant for some time and could use some rethinking, Endeavour’s consulting team can help you work on your organization’s corporate strategy and offer some fresh insight. It may be just what your non-profit needs to reach new heights.

Some aspects of corporate strategy that Endeavour can assist you with are:

Visioning – Is your vision clear? Is your mission still relevant? Create vision and mission statements that reflect what your organization stands for and the value you bring to the communities you serve.

Strategic Planning – Can you articulate the strategic directions for your organization in the next 3 to 5 years? Develop a long-term plan for your organization and strategize how to get there.

Portfolio Strategy – How well do you know your core competencies and market? Deliver your best by determining which programs and activities should form the central focus of your non-profit.

Business Planning – Have you started an income-generating project to support your non-profit? Develop a business plan to ensure the sustainability of your earned-income venture.

Feasibility Study – Already have a business plan or long-term strategy in mind? Study the viability of your idea before implementing it.

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