Tips on Completing the Application Form Successfully

  • We are looking for a well thought-out and well-written submission. Complete the application to the best of your abilities; be transparent and detailed.
  • We like to see a good decision-making structure, and internal resources to execute the work.
  • We like to see a clearly defined problem and project goal(s).
  • We strongly recommend that you complete the application in a SEPARATE DOCUMENT (which you can save and then copy + paste into the online form). Unfortunately, the form currently doesn’t allow you to save the information; you can only submit it all at once. We are working on improving this form for next rounds.
  • Complete all required fields (with asterisk*). If your application was successfully submitted, this confirmation will appear on your screen: “Thank you for applying to work with Endeavour. We will review your application and contact you should we have any questions. Short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.”

To submit your project application, visit the Apply Now page.