Our Approach

We match your organization with a team of volunteer consultants who will work with you to develop a strategy that meets your needs.

Our three-phase consulting model ensures that we can make an impact with your organization during a six-month consulting engagement.

Pre-Engagement Preparation

Our Client Selection Committee carefully reviews your project application and conducts client interviews to determine your fit with Endeavour’s mission, expertise and approach. Our Advisory Committee makes the final recommendation on the selection of projects based on where Endeavour can make the greatest impact. We work with selected clients to refine the project proposal. We also recruit, interview, select and train volunteer consultants. Based on your project needs, your organization will be matched with a team of about six consultants, led by an engagement manager.

Consulting Engagement

Throughout the six-month engagement, you will work closely with the Endeavour consulting team. Together, you will develop and execute a statement of work that clearly defines the project. The Endeavour team conducts research and analysis, and in consultation with your team, develops practical recommendations that make an impact. Final recommendations are presented to your board and leadership team at the end of the engagement. During the engagement, Endeavour provides ongoing training and support to the consulting teams, and is available to clients to discuss any concerns that may arise.

Post-Engagement Evaluation

We ask for your feedback and stay in touch with you to assess the impact of our consulting engagement. These evaluations are also used to identify where we may need to improve.